Friday, July 2, 2010

Epidemic AIDS

Some facts and depictions of the AIDS epidemic in Africa narrowing down to the Caprivi Region of Namibia, where Children of Zion Village (COZV) was started. COZV now cares for 58 children physically, emotionally, medically, nutritionally, and most importantly, spiritually. All pictures were taken in the villages where the the COZV kids came from.


  1. Hey Becca, Where is the link to that video? Can i find it on youtube? Are you going to be at the village this June? Hope to see you! Can't wait to see the kids again. Would your brother happen to be up there this Summer?

  2. Hey Scott, sorry I just realized I had never posted it on youtube, I had only put it on here. But that has been fixed, I just put it on my youtube site as well.

    So excited to hear you are going back. Unfortunately i will not be there, Im in PT school now back in the states and Sam is in Spain for most of the summer finishing up a yr-long exchange program so neither of up will be there. Hope you have a wonderful time!! I miss it all sooo much!!