Saturday, April 4, 2009

Keep Praying!

I just wanted to give an update on the flooding situation. To the right is a picture of the place in which they are currently staying (Hippo Lodge). There are some holes in the roof and it is right over the water (which is currently much higher than shown), but are blessed to have a place to stay. Pictured above is the flooding at the front gate to the children's home that they were evacuated from. Overall everyone has been very busy, but have been kept safe thus far. What an answer to prayer! The water has gone down to about 1/2 a meter, but another meter is expected to hit within the next couple weeks. This is the worst flooding the area has seen in 100 years. So far 97 people's lives have been claimed by crocodile attacks and many more from drowning. Hundreds have had their homes or tents washed away. Fortunately none of those statistics have involved any the kids of COZV, but one of the workers has seen a crocodile nearby. They clearly have been kept safe by God's protection, but they still need your prayers as well as prayers for those who have lost their homes, family, and/or friends in the area.

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