Thursday, March 26, 2009

Floodwaters Rising!

So if you happen to be following this a little early, I have a large prayer request. The Minks (the family that runs COZV) are being forced by the government to evacuate their compound (located on the Zambezi River) tomorrow due to dangerously high flooding. For now they will have to pay to stay at lodge nearby. The logistics of moving 60 children, as you can imagine, will be quite hairy. But in addition to that, please pray for the safety of the children and staff against moquitos (and thus malaria), poisonous snakes that will be trying to find dry ground, and the crocodiles that seem to be lurking around all the more often. Pray also for the safety of their belongings. The compound is fenced in with armed guards and large dogs and yet things are still somehow getting stolen. This has the potential to only increase once most of the kids and staff are gone. The waters are expected to continue to rise until the middle of April and possibly stay up until the middle of May. Pray that these predictions are wrong and that the children will be able to move back quickly. This is the highest flooding they have seen since they opened in 2003. And lastly please pray for the patience, wisdom, and sanity of those trying to keep 60 kids occupied, fed, clothed, bathed, schooled, and safe while out of their normal environment.
This picture was taken right outside the children's home overlooking the Zambezi River at its lowest point during the year.

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